Free etextbook for iPad

Do you have an iPad?  Would you like to see what a best-in-class etextbook looks like?  Instructors who have iPad’s can request a free copy (to keep, not just a demo) of a textbook in their field of study from Inkling.  Just go to the educators site at, download inkling to your iPad, and then click “Request a Free Title” on the Inkling educators web page.

Inkling is not just a paper text converted to a .PDF.  It has embedded media, inline assessments, social highlighting, and note sharing.  You can build an entire learning community around an Inkling textbook.  Drawbacks include a limited number of titles and the fact that it is only available on iPad at this time.  However, both of those limitations are changing soon.  Inkling is adding titles regularly and are open to suggestions from faculty.  They also are building Droid and web-based Inkling readers to be released soon.

See my April blog post about the general etextbook landscape for more info about what is happening in the epublishing industry.


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