Test Prep: Getting Your Students to Examine Their Approach

image from Flickr user pennstatelive

Test Prep: Getting Your Students to Examine Their Approach

‘Tis the season for testing!  It is also a good opportunity to challenge our students to modify their methods if they are not getting the results they want.  I am hoping that you can glean something helpful from the timely article referenced above from Faculty Focus.  However, my main objective is to make sure you are aware of this great resource.  The Faculty Focus eNewsletter provides relevant, yet brief and frequent articles.  Their approach is rooted in good pedagogy and a desire to share, “effective teaching strategies for the college classroom.”  It is produced by peers; university faculty that are practicing classroom teachers and who are passionate about evidence-based, teaching and learning strategies.

I have taken advice from their newsletter articles more than once to use in my own courses.  Make Faculty Focus one of the home tabs on your browser; it is one of mine!