Seminar Recording

Sorry we missed you if you could not make it to our end-of-year faculty dinner/seminar.  I will try to schedule it earlier in the Spring semester next year.  We had great food, useful door prizes, and we honored two of our best faculty “geeks” who showed exemplary use of educational technology in the past year.  Congratulations Amy and Krista!

  • Green Award: Amy Riggins
  • Gold Award: Krista Hands

Below is the audio-only version of George Saltsman’s lecture.  Sorry, I was unable to get his PowerPoint slides.

Extra Credit in Moodle

students_professor_classroomIt’s that time of year again!  Hopefully you don’t have students lining up outside your office asking for another chance at that missed assignment.  You do have some options if you use the Moodle gradebook.  Go to this page on our Moodle support section to see the easy, step-by-step instructions on how to make the points in a graded item in Moodle count for extra credit.

Extra Credit Tutorial Link