Combining Sections in Moodle

Moodle“I am teaching 2 (or more) sections of the same course but I only want to manage one Moodle course.  Can we combine the course enrollments into one large course?”

Link and PostYes you can.  Moodle calls this process “meta linking.”  You can go here to read more about it.  It is common for faculty to want to combine or merge sections of their Moodle course.  However we do not combine them by default because there may be a good reason not to combine.  For instance, you may want different deadlines for the distinct sections, or you may actually want to post different content for the separate sections.  Banner will continue to manage the enrollments of the meta course. If a student drops in one of the combined courses, Moodle removes them from the meta course.

It is possible for faculty to create their own meta courses, however we want the meta linked course names to be standardized, therefore OIT will combine your courses for you.  Fill out the form below and OIT will combine your courses within two business days from the date of your request.


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