LockDown Browser

respondus_logoWhat is it?

LockDown Browser (LDB) by the Respondus company is a customized browser that helps protect the integrity of online tests in Moodle. LDB is installed on all lab computers on the OBU campus.  When students use LDB to access an exam, they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications. Students are locked into a quiz until it is submitted for grading.  LDB is a stand-alone piece of software that must be installed on a computer.  There is a Mac and Windows OS version.  There are no mobile-device versions yet.  See this page for a full list of features.

Installation and usage:

Install the software

LDB is already installed on lab computers in the Bailey and Thurmond computer labs.  However, professors can can require students to install LDB on their own personal computers if need be.  Click on the link below and follow the instructions to install the LDB software on a computer or, alternatively, send this link to your students.  Also, if a student attempts to take a quiz that requires LDB, Moodle will automatically send them to the link below to install the LDB software.

Enable LDB in your Moodle Course

Lockdown Browser is not enabled by default in a Moodle course.  Click the link below for instructions on how to enable LDB on the quizzes in your course.

Show students how to use LDB

Click the link below for a web page with step-by-step instructions for students regarding how to start and use LDB.  The web page at the link below was designed to be projected on-screen in front of the classroom.  All the instructions are on one page.

Tutorials and Support from Respondus:

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