MoodleThis tutorial will lead you through how to take attendance in a face-to-face course using an activity module in Moodle called Attendance.  This module allows the teacher to quickly and easily mark attendance for each student and automatically assign a grade value (or not) to the mark.  The variables and class sessions are customizable and the attendance module shows the student’s photo next to their name, if a photo has been uploaded to the student’s Moodle profile.  Students will also be able to review their own attendance marks for the course on their Moodle home page.

Click the links below for basic instructions on how to use the attendance module, or view the video tutorial below:

To create an Attendance activity:

  1. On the course home page, in the desired section, click Add an activity or resource and select Attendance from the list on the left. Then click the Add button.
  2. On the Adding a new Attendance page, change the Name of the Attendance module if you wish, and select the point value of the grade.  You can also opt for no grade to be assigned for attendance.  (It is important to understand how the attendance module affects the grade.  See the video tutorial above for a demonstration of how attendance affects grades.)
  3. Complete the remaining fields on the page, and click Save and display.
  4. On the Sessions page, click the Add tab.
  5. On the Add page, select:
    • the Create multiple sessions check box
    • the date of the first class into the Session Date fields (day, month, year, hour, minute)
    • the duration of the class into the Duration hour and minute fields
    • the day after the final class into the Session end date field
    • the check boxes for the days on which the class is taught
    • the Frequency of the class (‘2’ means the class is held every two weeks)
  6. Enter a class Description, and click Add session.
  7. Click the Sessions tab.
  8. On the Sessions page, check that the sessions have been set up correctly.

To set up grades and variables:

  1. Click the Settings tab.
  2. On the My Variables page:
    • For Acronym, enter a status code (e.g. ‘P’)
    • For Description, define the code (e.g. ‘Present’)
    • Enter a Grade appropriate to the code
    • Click Add
  3. Repeat this step until all the acronyms you need are entered, defined and graded.
  4. Click Update

To record attendance at a session/class:

  1. On the course home page, in the Attendance block, click Take attendance.
  2. On the Sessions page, under Actions, click the Take attendance icon for the relevant session.
  3. On the Attendance for the course page, for each student, select the button in the appropriate column, and add any necessary Remarks. (Note: you can click the top of the column to mark all in the class as present with one click)
  4. When the page is completed for all students, click OK. (If you cannot complete the roll yet, save what you’ve done; you can return to the Sessions page later and click the link in the Description column to access the roll and complete it.)

To make changes to a session:

  1. On the course home page, click the link for the Attendance activity.
  2. On the Attendance for the course page, under Actions, click the Edit icon for the relevant class.
  3. On the Update Attendance for the course, change the class date, Duration and Description as necessary, and click Update.

To delete a class:

  1. On the course home page, either:
    • click the Attendance activity link, or
    • in the Attendance block click Take attendance.
  2. On the Sessions page, either:
    • In the Actions column, click the Delete icon, and click Continue in the confirmation page, or,
    • In the Select column, select the check boxes for the sessions you want to delete, then in the With selected field select Delete from the drop‐down list and click OK.

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