MoodleThere are a couple of ways to communicate with students from within Moodle.  Your class roster is automatically populated with the enrolled students, so you don’t have to enter a list of students in your email program.  You can just send them all a message directly from Moodle.

The difference between an email to all users and an announcement is that an announcement will send an email to all users, but it will also post the text of the email in the Moodle course front page so students will see it each time they log in.

How to send an announcement (News Forum)

Every Moodle course has a link created at the top of the course in the general section called “News Forum”.  This is simply a forum that everyone user is automatically subscribed to.  That means when something is posted to that forum, it is displayed in Moodle, but it also sends a message to each course user.  I often change the name of the “News Forum” to “Course Announcements” to make its purpose more clear to the students.

  1. To send an announcement, click the News Forum link at the top of your course.
  2. Then click the Add Topic button.
  3. Then add the subject and body of your message and click the Post to forum button at the bottom of the page.moodle-announcements2

How to send an email to all course users

  1. In the left hand navigation box of your course click on the Participants link.
  2. Then click the Select all button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Then choose Send a message from the drop-down dialog box.

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