Extra Credit

MoodleCreating extra credit assignments is something many teachers choose to do giving the students a chance to earn a few extra points at the end of the semester. In Moodle, adding an extra credit assignment is actually quite simple and can be added to any graded item such as a quiz, an assignment, a forum, etc.

To add an extra credit assignment:

1. Create a graded activity
2. Go to the Moodle Gradebook
3. In the upper left-hand corner in the box indicated in the screenshot below, click the drop-down arrow and select Full view in the Categories and Items section.
4. Now simply click the extra-credit checkbox next to whichever assignment you would like to count for extra-credit.  Moodle adds the points to the grading scheme, but does not add them to the total points possible.
5. Finally, click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

tutorial pic

Note: You can only create extra credit assignments if you are aggregating your grades using “Sum of grades,” or “Simple weighted mean of grades.”

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