Offline Assignments

“How do I create an assignment in Moodle in which the student doesn’t need to upload anything?”

MoodleMoodle calls this type of student work an “offline assignment.”  A good example might be an in-class presentation given by the student for which you want to assign a grade, but there is nothing that the student needs to turn in for a grade.  Or maybe you want to give students credit for going to the opening of a new museum exhibit; if the student shows you a receipt for admission to the museum, they get credit.  An offline assignment allows the professor to communicate the assignment expectations online in the Moodle course using the familiar assignment icon moodle_assign_iconwhile automatically creating an entry for the project in the Moodle gradebook.  However when the students click on the assignment link, there will not be a place for them to upload files or enter any text or comments; only the instructions from the professor.

Instructions to Create an Offline Assignment:

  1. In the Moodle section where you want to show the assignment link, click on “Add an activity or resource” and choose “Assignment”.
  2. In the assignment settings go to the Submission settings section as in the screenshot below and choose “No” for both “Online Text” and “File Submissions“.

Offline Assignment Settings

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