NEWS 8/8/2013: OBU integrates Moodle and Turnitin.com

What is it?

Reveal and prevent plagiarism and improper citations with Turnitin.com’s industry leading web-based application. Turnitin.com doesn’t detect plagiarism directly but looks for patterns of text matching. The application returns an originality report for every student paper that is turned in which allows instructors to make decisions about the likelihood that plagiarism has occurred in a particular assignment [How it works].  Oklahoma Baptist University purchases Turnitin.com access for every faculty member and student. Click on the links below for more information & training regarding their suite of easy-to-use writing assessment tools.

Other Writing Assessment Tools at Turnitin.com:

  • ETS e-rater – Checks spelling, grammar, and mechanics on student papers automatically so the instructor can focus on content and style.
  • Grademark – Allows instructors to mark up and comment on student papers within the Turnitin system.  Go completely paperless with your writing assignments!
  • Peermark – Allows students to evaluate and comment on each others work

Installation and Use:



Tutorials and Help:

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