Create Assignments

Instructors must create a paper assignment before students can begin submitting papers. The paper assignment type is the base assignment for all other assignments types (peer review, revision, reflection). Follow the steps below or view the video tutorial at the bottom of this page.

How to create an assignment

  1. Click on the class name on the instructor’s homepage
  2. Click on the “New Assignment” button
  3. Select “Paper Assignment” by clicking in the radio button next to Paper Assignment if it is not currently selected
  4. Click on the Next Step button
  5. Create a title for the assignment
  6. Set the assignment start and due dates and times using the date and time pull down menus
  7. To view the advanced assignment options click on the more options link
  8. Click submit to create the assignment

Additional Information

  • Instructors using the Gradebook module must also set a point value for assignments
  • Instructors using the GradeMarkĀ® or Gradebook modules must also set a post date and time for the assignment. The post date is the date upon which all marks and grades for every paper turned into the assignment will become available for the paper’s author (the student) to view.
  • Only one paper per student can exist for each assignment. Instructors must create a new assignment for every set of papers they would like their students to submit.

Video Tutorial from

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