Using Grademark

GradeMark saves instructors time and provides students with richer feedback on written work.  With GradeMark an instructor is able to edit and grade student papers online.
The instructor can add comments within the body of the paper, point out grammar and punctuation mistakes, evaluate the paper against qualitative or quantitative rubrics, assess the student’s performance within the class and enter a grade for the paper that is automatically saved into GradeBook (optional).

How to use Grademark

An instructor can access the GradeMark system from any one of four locations within

  • the assignment inbox
  • a student portfolio
  • viewing a paper after clicking on the paper title
  • from the GradeBook grading page

To mark a paper in the GradeMark system from the assignment inbox, student
portfolio page, or GradeBook grading page, the instructor will click on the GradeMark
icon under the grademark column to the right of the paper that needs to be marked.
A new window will open displaying the GradeMark interface. Using this interface, an
instructor can add marks, general comments, and location specific comments to a
student paper as well as entering a numeric grade.

Video Tutorial from

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