“I’ve got this new iPad…how can I use it to make my teaching better and my students’ learning more effective?”

Good question!  …But first let’s start with the basics!  The FAQ section below is a list of common tasks that new iPad users usually ask about first.  Please comment at the bottom of this page if you have suggestions for additional tutorials.

Congratulations on becoming the owner of an exciting new  tool that has the potential to help you both academically and personally.  The emerging mobile digital platform is not “fad-tech.”  In a few short years mobile devices will be the primary means of accessing the Internet and they will perform most of the functions that you would need a full size computer for today.  Providing faculty with this tool now helps open the door for innovation in the OBU classroom of the future.

If you would like to read more about what a cutting-edge, mobile learning initiative looks like, visit this link to Abilene Christian University’s latest mobile learning report.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I set up my iPad to receive my email?

  1. Begin by tapping on the icon labeled “Settings”.
  2. Continue by tapping on “Mail, Contacts, Calenders”.
  3. Then tap “Add Account…”.
  4. Tap the button labeled “Microsoft Exchange”.
  5. Enter your OBU e-mail account information, then tap next.
  6. Fill in the server field with “email.okbu.edu” (minus the quotes). Tap next.
  7. Tap “save” to finish.

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How do I install apps on my iPad?

  1. Begin by finding the “App Store” icon. Tap this icon.
  2. Find the app you want to download either by browsing the store or using the search box in the top right hand corner.
  3. Once you have found the app you want to install tap on either it’s icon or price tag.
  4. The app’s store page will now display. Tap on the price tag.
  5. The price tag will change into a button that says “Install App”. Tap that button.
  6. Enter your Apple ID password (this is the same as your iTunes store account).
  7. The download will start. Wait until the download finishes.
  8. When the download is finished, tap on the application’s icon to use it.

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What apps can I get from OBU for free?

The iPad comes with quite a few useful, factory-installed apps, however if you want to use your iPad for presentations, write and format documents, or manipulate spreadsheets, you can use the following apps.  OBU pays for these through the IS&S budget but they are not installed by default.  Please only install these apps if you actually intend to use them since the funds for this purpose are limited.

How to Install:

Please call the OBU Help Desk at 405.585.5200 for help with installing the apps below.  As of 8/7/2013 the old procedure for installing these apps does not work.  We will document the procedure once the help desk has it working again.

Keynote allows you to create and show presentations including opening existing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
Pages allows you to create and edit documents similarly to Microsoft Word.
Numbers allows you to create and manipulate spreadsheets similarly to Microsoft Excel.

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How do I open a PowerPoint document on the iPad?

  1. To begin send yourself the presentation as an email attachment.
  2. Open the “Mail” app on the iPad.
  3. Tap on the email in the left hand column. Then tap on the attachment.
  4. A preview of the presentation will appear. Tap on the button in the top right corner.
  5. Now tap “Open in ‘Keynote'”.
  6. Keynote will open and import the presentation.
  7. Note that the iPad has a limited number of fonts. If you get a message like this you might want to consider changing fonts in your presentation to more common ones.  However, keynote will change a font that it can’t display into a font it can.
  8. You’re presentation is now available for use in keynote.

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How do I take a screen shot / How do I show others what’s on my iPad screen?

To take a screen shot press the home and power buttons at the same time.  A picture of your screen is now saved in your Photos app.

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How do I connect a bluetooth keyboard to my iPad?

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How do I connect to a projector via VGA cable adapter?

iPad VGA adapterIf you don’t have the cable you see here, please contact us at teach@okbu.edu and request one.  You can easily connect to all campus projectors and mirror your iPad on the screen with this adapter and do things like demonstrate apps, show websites, show YouTube videos, and show PowerPoint via the Keynote app. (NOTE: any website that uses Flash videos will not play on Apple mobile devices at the time of this writing.)

Simply plug in the cable to the bottom of the iPad and the other end to the VGA cable in the class room.  Your cable may look different than the one in the picture based on the model of your iPad.

iPad VGA adapter

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How do I project wirelessly via AppleTV’s AirPlay?

View the video tutorial below to see how to connect your iPad to a projector that has an Apple TV provided.  You can see which classrooms have Apple TV installed by referencing this projector list document.  There are quite a few installed in classrooms across the campus, but not in all the classrooms because some of the older projectors do not have the correct connectors for the Apple TV.

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