Chances are you have presented many lectures using numerous types of equipment, software, and multimedia throughout your career as an educator.  Therefore this page is dedicated to new types of presentation methods and media.  Please send me a comment below if you know of a new type of presentation method that you would like us to address in a tutorial.

Apple TV Wireless Projection

  • iPad – See the tutorial for step-by-step instructions
  • iPhone – (Tutorial coming soon)
  • MacBook – (Tutorial coming soon)

apple-tvThe Apple TV device is installed in many of the classrooms on the main OBU campus.  It uses Apple’s “Airplay” protocol to connect wirelessly to other Apple products.  If you have an Apple device (iPad, iPhone, or MacBook) that is on the same wireless network as the Apple TV device (the employee network), you can mirror your screen onto the projector and show presentations, show web sites, show videos, demonstrate apps and other software, etc.

Dell Wireless Projectors

  • See the tutorial for step by step instructions.

Many of the projectors in the classrooms at OBU are newer model Dell projectors that allow wireless video and audio projection from a laptop on the employee wireless network.  The presenter simply installs a free application from Dell to their laptop and connects to the projector with an IP address and a login code available from the projector welcome screen.

Alternative Presentation Software

  • – online, zoom-able & pan-able, canvas-like presentation system
  • – instant online screen sharing for synchronous presentations
  • – interactive presentations that teachers “push” to student mobile devices

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