Dell Projector Wireless Projection Tutorial

Video tutorial by OBU EdTech to demonstrate how to connect your laptop to a Dell wireless projector:

NOTE RE: MODELS: The only Dell models that have wireless at this time are the 4610x and the 4320.  See this document for a list of classrooms and the model of projector currently installed.  (All of the projectors in the OBU grad school classrooms in OKC are wireless compatible – Model 4320)

NOTE RE: PERFORMANCE: The 4610x projectors are not made for wireless video projection.  Depending on network conditions, you may experience delays in the motion of video projected wirelessly to the 4610x.  The 4610x is better suited for static images such as PowerPoint slides or photographs.  However, the 4320 model reportedly allows high-quality 720p HD video playback over the wireless connection.

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