Lockdown Browser

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What is it?

Lockdown browser from Respondus is a stand-alone Internet browser that helps protect the integrity of an online exam by temporarily removing a student’s ability to use the computer for anything but the exam.  It literally “locks down” the computer from all other activities such as surfing to other web pages, opening other programs, cutting and pasting, and printing.  Go here for more details and for online training resources


This training session is for professors who already use Moodle for online testing or would like to experiment with Moodle testing.

Lockdown browser is a software package that OBU subscribes to for the whole campus.   It is paid for through the OIT budget.  All faculty and students have access to install the Respondus software through our institutional account.  There is a Windows and a Mac version of this software.  However there is no mobile version at this time.

Learning Objectives:

In this session we will demonstrate how to:

  • install LDB on a computer (even though it is already installed in the labs)
  • enable LDB for a particular exam in Moodle
  • use LDB from the student’s perspective
  • troubleshoot problems with LDB during a test

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